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Infographic – Tight battle seen between VW and Toyota for global car sales leadership

Infographic – Tight battle seen between VW and Toyota for global car sales leadership

A full detailed infograph showing the battle of sales figures between VW and Toyota in the last few months

Motory.com released a detailed infograph showing the comparative head-to-head sales figures between VW group and Toyota in the last few months.

According to the infographic, Toyota leads the global automotive sales market for the fifth consecutive year, beating Volkswagen group, with a total of 10.23 million vehicles sold last year. Toyota, however, says that sales could decline slightly to 10.15 million vehicles in 2015.

Volkswagen is hoping to overtake Toyota this year, with some market research companies predicting the scenario late in December. Toyota’s sales unexpectedly increased in January owing to a burst in sales in Japan after the government announced they will be increasing sales tax this year, meaning the Japanese car sales are expected to decline.

On the other hand, Volkswagen sales has grown by 4% between 2013 and 2014, selling about 10.14 million vehicles in 2014, and positioning itself to take the lead for the first time ever in 2015, making it the first European company ever to become the biggest automotive company in the world.

GM which used to dominate car sales slipped to a close number three, selling about 9.92 million vehicle and setting a personal sales record.

Another Toyota win this year was the record sales of the Toyota Corolla, selling almost 1.2 million vehicles. To put that into perspective, Toyota sold more Corollas than the whole of the Mitsubishi brand.

To view the info graphic in English, please visit: http://www.motory.com/en/news/the-battle-between-toyota-and-vw-in-2014-sales-infograph-949/

The Arabic version of the same can be viewed at: http://www.motory.com/news/the-battle-between-toyota-and-vw-in-2014-sales-infograph-949/

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